Best time to have FUE transplant

Good timing is important in many aspects of life. Some times there maybe a little luck involved, being in the right place at the right time. But with a FUE hair transplant there is a lot of planning involved. The best time to have FUE transplant can be managed to a large degree. For example, […]

Best FUE Surgery

Surgical hair restoration has evolved over 50 plus years it has been common place. The old days of unsightly and unnatural plug look are long gone. Improved donor hair management has allowed for advanced hair loss to be treated with minimum changes to the individual´s scalp. A hair transplant is a skilled medical procedure that […]

Planning your best FUE hair restoration

Genetic hair loss is progressive. For men and women. Timing your FUE hair transplant is important. To ensure you achieve the best results today and long-term. Dr Artur Kierach wants to ensure he educates his patients. So they can understand the need for planning before they start their hair restoration. FAMILY HAIR LOSS PATTERNS Genetic […]

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