Can Hair Treatments Work On Their Own

With so many hair loss conditions. It can sometimes be difficult to find the correct solution to the problem. I you are not careful it is easy to waste your time, money, effort and maybe more hair. While trying different treatments. This is why it is important to have the correct diagnosis made initially. The […]

Hair Loss Caused By The Male Hormone

As much as 95% of men with hair loss, thinning hair can look to to the genetic condition called androgenic alopecia as the cause. The genetic condition is carried by family members on both the maternal and paternal sides. The sensitivity of the hair follicles to a hormone called DHT triggers the hair loss condition. […]

Hair Loss Treatments for Men with Dr Artur Kierach

You can’t always prevent your hair from starting to fall out. Regardless of age some hair loss is genetic. There are treatments and therapies that can treat hair loss. With many hair loss conditions it is important to diagnose the cause first. The treatment can vary dependent on the cause. Treatment can not only preserve […]

Male Hair Loss

What causes male pattern hair loss? Male pattern hair loss is a genetic condition. Caused by an increased sensitivity of scalp hair follicles to male hormones. Around 100 hairs fall out per day. Naturally. Normally, there is around 90% of the hairs on a man’s scalp. Growing, known as the anagen growth phase. the remaining […]

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