Best FUE Surgery

Surgical hair restoration has evolved over 50 plus years it has been common place. The old days of unsightly and unnatural plug look are long gone. Improved donor hair management has allowed for advanced hair loss to be treated with minimum changes to the individual´s scalp. A hair transplant is a skilled medical procedure that […]

Stages Of Hair Restoration – Where To Start And When To Finish

In the perfect hair-world we would all keep a good head of hair. Genetic hair loss would not exist. The male and female pattern baldness gene would be permanently switched off. As this is not the case we have to address the reality. Of which a hair transplant is a permanent method of hair restoration. […]

Alternative Hair Treatment To A Hair Transplant

When many men start losing their hair. One of the first thoughts many have is to get a quick and permanent fix to the problem. A hair transplant seems to fit the criteria. But, not everyone is a good hair transplant candidate. Not everyone wants to have a hair transplant. What option is available to […]

Treating Advanced Hair Loss Stages

Not everyone worries about hair loss the moment they notice it. Actually it is common the vast majority of men or women do nothing straight away to tackle their hair loss. For men this can be for many reasons. Maybe they are just not too bothered. A slight receding hairline can look good with the […]

Want a better beard, stronger and thicker hair growth

Our face defines so many things about us. For a man. The hairline can define the facial features, and a youthful appearance. Having a good healthy and strong beard is considered to be a symbol of manhood. The flip-side, having a weak, patchy beard can be considered a sign of illness or poor health. It […]

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