Best FUE Hair Transplant Doctor In Poland

Deciding on who will perform your hair transplant is one of the bigger decisions you will make in your life. for men and women hair can be very important. Signs of hair loss can not only make us look different. Cause us to look older and feel less attractive. It can cause a loss loss […]

Eat For Healthier Hair Growth

The most common causes of hair loss we see everyday of our lives. Conditions caused by factors such as genetics, age, traction, medical. Other common causes can be attributed to hormones and nutrient deficiencies. Male and female pattern hair loss is genetic. We inherit the hair loss gene for family members. On either side of […]

Hair Transplant Poland

Hair loss affects both men and women. It´s becoming more frequent and a bigger problem. As a result, it causes sufferers to feel less confident and lowers self esteem. Hair transplants in Poland with Dr Kierach are devoted to surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments. With the latest solutions to hair loss. Treating many hair […]

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