Questions to ask a hair transplant Doctor before making your decision to have FUE

If you are someone that hair loss doesn´t bother you. This is probably not going to be interesting to you. But for many men and increasingly more women hair loss does affect them. Losing hair can trigger negative emotions that impact how we behave among others. Even to the point it lowers our self confidence […]

Questions you should ask a hair transplant clinic

Deciding to restore your hair is not only a financial decision but also an emotional one. With the first signs of hair loss comes the decision to choose a hair loss treatment or hair transplant. It is important to measure your expectations against the various treatment options. Are you a good candidate and can your […]

Important Hair Transplant Questions with Dr Kierach

Hair transplant techniques vary. Mainly in the donor harvesting method. This is how the hair is initially removed. The donor area is the safe zone around the back and sides of the head. Safe because the hair is genetically pre-programmed to be permanent. The donor area has been expanded to body hair in recent years. […]

Common Hair Transplant Questions with Dr Kierach

Research can be boring sometimes. Going over what appears to be the same topics over and over. But research is important. Hair loss is personal and can be emotive. If you are concerned about hair loss and thinking of restoring your hair. You need to understand the pros and cons to different hair treatments. A […]

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