Eat For Healthier Hair Growth

The most common causes of hair loss we see everyday of our lives. Conditions caused by factors such as genetics, age, traction, medical. Other common causes can be attributed to hormones and nutrient deficiencies. Male and female pattern hair loss is genetic. We inherit the hair loss gene for family members. On either side of […]

Is Age Important To Have A Hair Transplant?

Hair loss can be an emotive issue. It can cut through genders, wealth, society. Anyone can be effected by hair loss. For some is matters not at all. But for many it is important and can have negative affects on their lives. Often changing their behavior patterns. especially when around others, friends or work colleagues. […]

Hair Loss Caused By The Male Hormone

As much as 95% of men with hair loss, thinning hair can look to to the genetic condition called androgenic alopecia as the cause. The genetic condition is carried by family members on both the maternal and paternal sides. The sensitivity of the hair follicles to a hormone called DHT triggers the hair loss condition. […]

5 Things To Know About Male Hair Loss

Did you know around 25% of men start to go bald by the age of 30 years old. That percentage more than doubles by the age of 60. If you´re in one of these area you may be interested in reading this. FIVE things to know about male hair loss. Is chasing hair loss cures […]

The Best Hairline With FUE Hair Transplant

For many men regardless when the signs of hair loss start it is never welcome. This is probably more true when men are younger. it´s a sign of premature aging. Loosing our youthful looks. Something none of us really want. A good head of hair. especially a strong hairline can make a man feel confident […]

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