Best time to have FUE transplant

Good timing is important in many aspects of life. Some times there maybe a little luck involved, being in the right place at the right time. But with a FUE hair transplant there is a lot of planning involved. The best time to have FUE transplant can be managed to a large degree. For example, […]

Stages Of Hair Restoration – Where To Start And When To Finish

In the perfect hair-world we would all keep a good head of hair. Genetic hair loss would not exist. The male and female pattern baldness gene would be permanently switched off. As this is not the case we have to address the reality. Of which a hair transplant is a permanent method of hair restoration. […]

Hair Loss Treatments for Men with Dr Artur Kierach

You can’t always prevent your hair from starting to fall out. Regardless of age some hair loss is genetic. There are treatments and therapies that can treat hair loss. With many hair loss conditions it is important to diagnose the cause first. The treatment can vary dependent on the cause. Treatment can not only preserve […]

How to Care for Thinning Hair

Hair loss can occur for quite a number of reasons. Sometimes we can cause the hair loss. Often the causes can be due to illness or a medication. The most common hair loss condition is inherited from our parents. This can occur in men and women alike. One of the first signs of hair loss […]

Treating The Crown Hair Loss

Very often with hair loss and hair restoration the emphasis is on the front. The hairline and temples. But the crown area for many is just as important. For some, more important than frontal hair loss. The most common cause is male pattern baldness (MPB). With well over half the male population suffering from hair […]

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