Best FUE Surgery

Surgical hair restoration has evolved over 50 plus years it has been common place. The old days of unsightly and unnatural plug look are long gone. Improved donor hair management has allowed for advanced hair loss to be treated with minimum changes to the individual´s scalp. A hair transplant is a skilled medical procedure that […]

Important Hair Transplant Questions with Dr Kierach

Hair transplant techniques vary. Mainly in the donor harvesting method. This is how the hair is initially removed. The donor area is the safe zone around the back and sides of the head. Safe because the hair is genetically pre-programmed to be permanent. The donor area has been expanded to body hair in recent years. […]

When Is Hair Surgery Appropriate for Hair Loss?

In recent surveys it was concluded that. If it´s possible to stop hair loss the majority of men and women had the ability they would reverse the signs of hair loss. Genetic hair loss is an unwanted natural affect. The majority of men and more women now suffer from hereditary hair loss today. This does […]

FUE Hair Transplants and the ISHRS

Of all the cosmetic surgical procedures a hair transplant generally takes many more hours to perform. This is largely because it involves three specific areas to the procedure. The hair extraction from the donor area. Using the FUE hair transplant harvesting techniques. To the grafts care and then finally the graft placement. Being a member […]

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