Interesting Hair Facts with Dr Artur Kierach

Hair loss is always a big topic. No one wants to lose their hair given the option. Hair loss affects men and women. With many different causes. Dr Artur Kierach is a hair restoration specialist. Working in Europe he has been performing his Follicular Unit Extraction technique for a decade. from his Clinics in Poland, […]

Hair Loss Caused By The Male Hormone

As much as 95% of men with hair loss, thinning hair can look to to the genetic condition called androgenic alopecia as the cause. The genetic condition is carried by family members on both the maternal and paternal sides. The sensitivity of the hair follicles to a hormone called DHT triggers the hair loss condition. […]

Important Hair Transplant Questions with Dr Kierach

Hair transplant techniques vary. Mainly in the donor harvesting method. This is how the hair is initially removed. The donor area is the safe zone around the back and sides of the head. Safe because the hair is genetically pre-programmed to be permanent. The donor area has been expanded to body hair in recent years. […]

how many hair transplants can you have?

Deciding on when to start your hair restoration requires planning. You need to consider your current age and hair loss stage. As well as your future hair loss pattern. Looking at other family members hair loss patterns. From both sides of your family. The majority of men will have two hair transplants over time. This […]

Common Hair Transplant Questions with Dr Kierach

Research can be boring sometimes. Going over what appears to be the same topics over and over. But research is important. Hair loss is personal and can be emotive. If you are concerned about hair loss and thinking of restoring your hair. You need to understand the pros and cons to different hair treatments. A […]

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