Alternative Hair Treatment To A Hair Transplant

When many men start losing their hair. One of the first thoughts many have is to get a quick and permanent fix to the problem. A hair transplant seems to fit the criteria. But, not everyone is a good hair transplant candidate. Not everyone wants to have a hair transplant. What option is available to […]

Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

There is an almost never ending list of hair loss treatments available. The hair loss treatment industry is worth over 3 billion dollars annually. Just in the USA alone. It can be difficult to find the correct solution to your hair loss problem with so many options available. Non-surgical hair treatments vary greatly in quality […]


Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) goes by many names, including head tattoo. This hair loss treatment is a cosmetic non-surgical procedure. Unlike traditional body art tattoo SMP only uses tone and not different colours. Also, scalp pigmentation is not permanent. Over time the pigment will fade. Male Pattern Baldness affects the majority of men. The genetic […]

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