Can Hair Treatments Work On Their Own

With so many hair loss conditions. It can sometimes be difficult to find the correct solution to the problem. I you are not careful it is easy to waste your time, money, effort and maybe more hair. While trying different treatments. This is why it is important to have the correct diagnosis made initially. The […]

Eat For Healthier Hair Growth

The most common causes of hair loss we see everyday of our lives. Conditions caused by factors such as genetics, age, traction, medical. Other common causes can be attributed to hormones and nutrient deficiencies. Male and female pattern hair loss is genetic. We inherit the hair loss gene for family members. On either side of […]

Interesting Hair Facts with Dr Artur Kierach

Hair loss is always a big topic. No one wants to lose their hair given the option. Hair loss affects men and women. With many different causes. Dr Artur Kierach is a hair restoration specialist. Working in Europe he has been performing his Follicular Unit Extraction technique for a decade. from his Clinics in Poland, […]

5 Vitamins For Healthy Hair Growth

It´s perfectly natural to shed hair everyday. Not uncommon to shed around 100 hairs in that time. A natural working growth cycle means the shed hairs are replaced the same day. Maintaining a balanced head of hair. Dr Artur Kierach has been a hair specialist for a decade. Working in Europe and specialising in the […]

How to Care for Thinning Hair

Hair loss can occur for quite a number of reasons. Sometimes we can cause the hair loss. Often the causes can be due to illness or a medication. The most common hair loss condition is inherited from our parents. This can occur in men and women alike. One of the first signs of hair loss […]

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