Hair Treatment Costs

With hair loss affecting the majority of men and more and more women treating it is big business. Ideally no one wants to lose their hair and most of us prefer to have a healthy strong head of hair if possible. At different stages in our life we maybe tempted to try products to treat [...]


Is Age Important To Have A Hair Transplant?

Hair loss can be an emotive issue. It can cut through genders, wealth, society. Anyone can be effected by hair loss. For some is matters not at all. But for many it is important and can have negative affects on their lives. Often changing their behavior patterns. especially when around others, friends or work colleagues. [...]

Treating Advanced Hair Loss Stages

Not everyone worries about hair loss the moment they notice it. Actually it is common the vast majority of men or women do nothing straight away to tackle their hair loss. For men this can be for many reasons. Maybe they are just not too bothered. A slight receding hairline can look good with the [...]

Best Hairline Restoration Treatment

The first signs of hair loss are commonly along the hairline. Certainly for men with male pattern baldness (MPB). This hair loss condition is genetically inherited from both sides of the family. Meaning if you have hair loss on your mother and father´s side there is a bigger chance you will go bald also. The [...]

Want a better beard, stronger and thicker hair growth

Our face defines so many things about us. For a man. The hairline can define the facial features, and a youthful appearance. Having a good healthy and strong beard is considered to be a symbol of manhood. The flip-side, having a weak, patchy beard can be considered a sign of illness or poor health. It [...]

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