Planning your best FUE hair restoration

Genetic hair loss is progressive. For men and women. Timing your FUE hair transplant is important. To ensure you achieve the best results today and long-term. Dr Artur Kierach wants to ensure he educates his patients. So they can understand the need for planning before they start their hair restoration. FAMILY HAIR LOSS PATTERNS Genetic [...]


FUE Hair Transplant Technique – Dr Artur Kierach

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) FUE is a surgical hair restoration technique.  The technique moves single follicle units from the donor area to areas of hair loss. Because the hair follicles are extracted one by one scarring is minimal and often not obvious or seen without close inspection. FUE can also be used for Body Hair [...]

Female hair loss

Female hair loss is on the rise. With more women suffering some type of hair loss at some point in their life.  Female pattern baldness s also called androgenetic alopecia. It differs from male pattern baldness. The hair loss pattern is more diffused generally. Maybe surprisingly, as many as two-thirds of women experience hair loss. [...]

Male Hair Loss

What causes male pattern hair loss? Male pattern hair loss is a genetic condition. Caused by an increased sensitivity of scalp hair follicles to male hormones. Around 100 hairs fall out per day. Naturally. Normally, there is around 90% of the hairs on a man’s scalp. Growing, known as the anagen growth phase. the remaining [...]

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