Surgical hair restoration has evolved over 50 plus years it has been common place. The old days of unsightly and unnatural plug look are long gone. Improved donor hair management has allowed for advanced hair loss to be treated with minimum changes to the individual´s scalp. A hair transplant is a skilled medical procedure that requires two keys aspects to ensure a natural result can be achieved. The medical and surgical skills to take hairs and move them safely. Then the artistic side to create a natural hairline and make a small number of hairs cover a large area to crate the illusion of a natural full head of hair.

FUE Hair Transplant Poland

The Follicular Unit Extraction technique has been the preferred method for many hair loss sufferers. One reason it became popular is not leaving a linear scar like other hair transplant methods. Not leaving a linear scar makes it less obvious a hair transplant or cosmetic procedure has been performed.

Instead small white dots are scattered over the donor area and hidden between the existing hairs. This allows for shorter hairstyle without the more obvious line scar being seen. This method of taking the hairs from the donor area is much slower to perform. Each group of hair follicles has to be removed one by one. To help this the donor area is shaved. Under magnification the Doctor can follow the natural hair angles to make a punch around the hair shaft. This cleanly removes the hair follicle. Once removed it can be cleaned and checked again under magnification. The Doctor normally works with a team of hair technicians. The number often depends on the size of the session being performed.

Dr Artur Kierach is a European based hair restoration Doctor. He has worked around Europe for the last ten years but has his practice based in his home country of Poland. Working from the two cities of Warsaw and Wroclaw. Dr Kierach has practiced the FUE technique and perfected his own form of extraction and placement. Being one of very few Doctors today that is active within every aspect of his procedures. From extraction to hair graft placement. He prefers to be active as he believes the quality of the result reflects directly back to him. Being a perfectionist in his work he takes great time and attention to the details. Such a hairline design and placement.

The hair consultation is an important start to the hair restoration process. Ensuring the patient and Doctor understand each other. Goals and expectations are in sync with what can medically and artistically be achieved. That the result will look natural and reflect a good head of hair today and in the years to come. That future hair loss can be treated. Taking into consideration the age of the candidate, their natural hair characteristics and family hair loss history. A good way to start with your research is an online hair consultation. You can send your details along with clear pictures to Dr Kierach. He can then reply with a detailed assessment of your hair loss stage and the potential treatment options to deal with the problem.

FUE can deliver perfectly natural hair transplant results. With the natural placement of follicular units to mimic nature. Soft natural hairline designs and then hair density and coverage even over advanced hair loss stages. With care and good donor hair management multiple FUE transplants can be performed if required. So, with planning even if hair loss progresses you can still maintain a good head of hair.

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