With so many hair loss conditions. It can sometimes be difficult to find the correct solution to the problem. I you are not careful it is easy to waste your time, money, effort and maybe more hair. While trying different treatments. This is why it is important to have the correct diagnosis made initially.

The most common hair loss condition maybe male pattern baldness. Affecting over 50% of men at sometime in their life. Another hair loss condition is traction alopecia. Pulling on the hair shaft weakens the hair follicles and can lead to fine hair growth. In extreme cases the hair follicles ceases all hair growth. But treatments may differ for each hair loss condition.

Hair Center Kierach Dr Artur Kierach

Dr Kierach has been a hair loss specialist for over a decade. Working in a number of European cities and now in his home country of Poland. With Clinical practices in Warsaw the Polish capital and Wroclaw. Dr Kierach is an FUE hair transplant specialist. But also treats hair loss before a hair transplant maybe required. Offering a range of therapy treatments to accommodate a variety of hair loss conditions.

A hair loss consultation will help the Doctor identify the potential causes of hair loss. Occasionally, especially with female clients. the Doctor may ask for a blood test to be performed. With blood and hormone related hair loss conditions isolating the potential cause is vital. Supplements or medical treatments can possibly be prescribed to tackle the underlying concern and then the hair loss. Other considerations are age, family hair growth history, medications being taken and general lifestyle.

A hair transplant is not always the required treatment. If hair loss is minor or no obvious thinning patches are visible. If the donor area is also affected by thinning or miniaturisation. Not everyone wants to undergo a surgical procedure. In these cases the answer must be looked for in therapy treatments. Therapy treatments can help to promote healthier hair growth. Potentially rejuvenate the hair follicle to grow healthier stronger hairs. Although it is impossible to lower hairlines with a therapy treatment. Treatments can still work well on the right candidate.

Scalp Mesotherapy

Scalp mesotherapy involves the fine injection of a variety of treatments in one dose. Potentially consisting of consists drugs and natural treatments. The treatment is topical and directly into the area of hair thinning or loss. Treatment can take place over a number of weeks, Increasing the time frame between treatments overtime.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy -PRP

PRP therapy has been used for many years over many medical fields. By sportsmen to help improve muscle development after an injury. Using the growth factors that are carried in the blood to help heal the hair follicles. Injected directly into the affected area. This can promote stronger and healthier hair growth through continued sessions.

Treatment For Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

Both mestherapy and PRP therapy are clinical treatments. They can be performed efficiently and within a lunch break. With no obvious signs of treatment. Also with only minor discomfort, if any. I recent years laser therapy has become a popular treatment for hair loss.

Laser therapy promotes healthier cell growth and cardio vascular energy in the top of the scalp. Used on a regular basis it can stabilise hair loss and excessive shedding. Then improve the hair quality. Treatment normally consists of every other day for twenty-five minute sessions. Maintain this regime for a period of six to twelve months. The it is common treatment s can be reduced.

Before considering any treatment or therapy consult a professional hair loss and restoration expert. If concerned seek the opinion of multiple clinics. A free consultation can often be performed online. This allows you to gather the information without visiting the clinic. On occasions a personal consultation maybe required.

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