In the perfect hair-world we would all keep a good head of hair. Genetic hair loss would not exist. The male and female pattern baldness gene would be permanently switched off. As this is not the case we have to address the reality. Of which a hair transplant is a permanent method of hair restoration. The FUE hair transplant technique can move genetically healthy hairs and they will continue to grow naturally. How and where to start your hair restoration. For some it can be a long process starting way before their hair loss has progressed. For others they decide much sooner and faster.

Dr Artur Kierach is a European hair transplant Doctor. Having worked in a number of countries now performing FUE hair transplants in his native country of Poland. In the two cities of Warsaw and Wroclaw.

Your initial search for a hair transplant clinic

This requires a little time and research. It is important to double check claims made about hair restoration. Take multiple views from different clinics and doctors. cross reference claims that are made to ensure you are receiving reliable information. Often if a claim appears to good to be true. It probably is. A hair transplant is not a miracle cure. It has pros and cons. A consultation is an important part to the entire process.

The purpose of the first step is to determine the cause of hair loss. Also to assess the risk of progressive hair loss. The age of the candidate may be important along with their hair loss pattern. The individual´s hair characteristics are inspected along with an important discussion regarding the goals and expectations from undergoing a hair transplant. A plan will be agreed between the Doctor and patient regarding the best approach to their hair restoration.

Preparing for your FUE Hair Transplant

Once you have decided to restore your hair. You have discussed with a Doctor and made your decision to put your hair in the hands of a Clinic you trust. You need to start making yourself ready for your procedure. This may depend on the size of the procedure and the location compared to where you live. If you have to travel consider making travel arrangements far in advance. Accommodation close to your clinic ideally for your convenience. Along with comfortable clothing and special foods you may need. Your clinic will give you a list of do´s and don´ts to follow. This often includes medication and supplements you may need to stop before your hair transplant.

Your hair transplant day

FUE Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is performed under a local anesthesia and mild sedative normally. Performed as a one or two day procedure. No overnight hospital stay is required. Most hair transplants take a day to perform. Starting with the planning of the day, consultation ,hairline design and q&a. The morning of your procedure the Doctor extracts the hair from the donor area.

The Doctor usually works with a team of technicians. They help the Doctor perform aspects of the hair transplant. The hair grafts are trimmed, cleaned and inspected. The afternoon of the procedure the hair units are placed into the new area. During the day it is possible to stand and stretch your legs. Have something to eat and relax. After the procedure the Doctor will inspect your grafts and take you through the post-op instructions.

Waiting for your new hair

Dr Kierach will instruct you what to expect over the coming months post-op. The first weeks the scalp and hairs follicles are healing. The instructions will explain how to care for your hair. Your new hair often falls out in the first month. The hair follicles lay dormant throughout this time. Hair growth is commonly starting around three months later. Hair growth is slow and in stages over the next twelve months. The hair matures and changes until it has fully matured and grown. It is common to take over twelve months to achieve total hair growth. At any time during this period if you have any questions you should contact the clinic.

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