When many men start losing their hair. One of the first thoughts many have is to get a quick and permanent fix to the problem. A hair transplant seems to fit the criteria. But, not everyone is a good hair transplant candidate. Not everyone wants to have a hair transplant. What option is available to those that either cannot or do not want to undergo a surgical FUE hair transplant procedure?

There are many factors to take into consideration with hair loss and how to treat the problem. What is the cause of hair loss, how long has the person been showing the affects of hair loss? How severe is the hair loss pattern and can it get worse. Then the individual´s age. General health considerations including treatment they may be taking. at this stage it is best to discuss your personal concerns with a hair loss specialist. Ideally a specialist that offer multiple hair restoration solutions. To get a rounded view on your condition and possible solutions.

Micro Pigmentation or a scalp tattoo. The cosmetic treatment has many names as the techniques can vary in style and application. Commonly known as scalp micro pigmentation or SMP. Tricopigmentation also. For the purpose of this article we will not break it down into the types of pigment but discuss the treatment as a whole. This has grown in popularity as a treatment to hide hair loss over the last decade. It can treat even advanced male pattern baldness patterns often a hair transplant cannot. But it has also been used to successfully help other hair loss conditions. For men and women. As well as camouflage scarring, especially from previous hair transplant procedures.

Scalp Pigmentation uses an ink similar to that of a traditional body art tattooist would use. The ink or pigment is applied to the top layers of the skin which means unlike body art it will fade more overtime. How fast it takes to fade can depend on the pigment used, the technical ability of the person performing the procedure and how many sessions have been taken. The pigment is applied in dots to mimic shaved hair follicles. hence the treatment is used mainly to mimic the look of a shaved head of hair.

Even advanced hair loss can be treated. Creating a new hairline and adding the pigment over the scalp to the crown. Eventually the look of a full head of hair is made. Just shaved. Of course this means the remaining hair, especially around the back and sides of the head needs to be kept shaved also. So a natural blend between pigment and hair is maintained. If hair loss progresses it´s possible to add more pigment to maintain the look. When performed to a high standard even on close inspection the small dots of pigment resemble hair shafts cut short.

Micro Scalp Pigmentation Treatment - Head tattoo

Even long hair diffused hair loss can benefit from this cosmetic hair loss cover up technique. By adding the pigment between the existing long hairs blocks the skin complexion from being as obvious. This reduces the contrast between the skin and hair. As a result it gives the appearance of greater fullness of hair. The starting hair density must first be enough and even to use SMP as a viable treatment for this hair loss condition.

Dr Artur Kierach performs both surgical and non-surgical hair restoration techniques. Along with his range of therapy treatments to help promote healthy hair growth.. he offers a free online consultation service to help answer your questions. Dr Kierach performs both the FUE and hair transplant and scalp pigmentation treatments. Allowing him to correctly diagnose and treat his patients. This also allows him to discuss your goals and expectations openly. Without being hindered with the options he has to offer.

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