Hair transplant techniques vary. Mainly in the donor harvesting method. This is how the hair is initially removed. The donor area is the safe zone around the back and sides of the head. Safe because the hair is genetically pre-programmed to be permanent. The donor area has been expanded to body hair in recent years. Using hair from the chest, arms, legs and beard to help restore scalp hair loss.

Dr Artur Kierach has been performing FUE hair transplants for ten years. He is a member of the ISHRS hair restoration society. Working from Warsaw and Wroclaw in Poland and has treated patients from around Europe. With his specialist FUE technique.

Important Questions With Dr Kierach

Kierach Hair Transplant FUE Poland

It is normal to have many questions when you start to research your hair loss. With many causes of hair loss and many treatments. finding a credible Doctor is very important. One aspect of a successful hair transplant is meeting the patient´s expectations.

Expectations can vary massively. The younger hair loss sufferer often wants to return to a stage prior to any hair loss. A more mature hair loss sufferer generally is more realistic. Being happy to restore their hair with a slightly conservative approach. Whilst maintaining their standards and being demanding on aspects such as being natural.

Best Way To Treat Hair Loss

Hair loss is progressive. Well the genetic male pattern baldness hair loss condition is. This hair loss pattern starts with minor thinning. But can advanced to hair loss over the top of the head. It can start in the early 20´s and continue well into adulthood. Keeping your hair is the best first move. It is easier to maintain the hair you have rather than having to restore your hair. You may start your hair loss treatment with some medicines such as Minoxidil and Finasteride. Other hair treatment therapies are PRP Therapy and Mesotherapy. That are administered by the Doctor. With treatments results work bets when started early. Preserving your hair growth is the priority. Some may find treatment can help to thicken and strengthen the existing hair.

No Miracle Cure

Today’s treatments can work very well. The problem is they are not miracles cures. In fact a miracle cure does not exist. Treatment can work to protect and maintain the existing hair growth. In some cases even thicken the hair shaft to give the appearance of more hair. This can be maintained for many years on the right candidate. But if hair loss has progressed. If the hairline has moved back and the temples receded. The crown may have opened to expose the scalp. Treatment will not fix these problems. This certainly does not mean treatment is useless. It can be an important aspect to dealing with hair loss. Especially at a younger age and in the early stages.

Permanent Hair Restoration

A hair transplant is the only permanent solution to regaining hair in areas that have receded. It´s possible to move some hair from one area to another. As long as the hair used is healthy and genetically strong. It will continue to grow well in the new area. The Follicular Unit Extraction technique is the latest method. Also the least invasive of the hair transplant techniques. Not everyone is a good hair transplant candidate. You will need a comprehensive assessment from a hair restoration specialist. They will look at your age and many other factors. Your hair characteristics and the tendency for your hair loss to progress. On the right candidate a FUE hair transplant can help even advanced hair loss patterns.

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